How do we do it

When we receive the turbochargers in our workshop, they are analyzed to help our clients diagnose the fault and prevent it from recurring, the components are verified and the necessary material is replaced to be able to function again with full guarantee or if necessary. The new or exchange turbo is offered at the best price.

Comprehensive analysis and teardown
Upon receiving the damaged turbocharger in our workshop, it is subjected to a complete inspection by our technicians in order to find possible breakages and their causes. We examine the exterior of the turbocharger, disassemble it piece by piece and identify the affected parts.
All components of the Turbocharger are subjected to a process of removing particles and dirt foreign to it and which consists of an industrial washing through the application of degreasers, pressure jet of a special mixture based on water and sand, ultrasonic cleaning and new Non-aggressive cleaning techniques that maintain the quality of the original product.
Once the parts are clean and dry, they will be examined for possible defects. Tolerances and wear measurements are checked on each one to verify its condition and proceed to validation. Invalid parts are replaced
Rotor and cartridge balancing
It is carried out with high precision machines, establishing the parameters established by the manufacturer, to guarantee the quality of this process.
The discharge valve is checked, verifying its proper functioning. Checking of electronic actuators is also carried out.
Assembly according to manufacturer parameters

Parts that have not passed the controls are replaced with new ones. All spare parts such as gaskets, hoses and others are also replaced.

Finally, all the parts and pieces of the turbocharger are assembled, respecting the standards and parameters established by the manufacturer for assembly.
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